(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. mystic, mysterious, supernatural, secret, hidden. See sorcery.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Hidden]
Syn. unrevealed, esoteric, obscure; see hidden 2 , secret 1 , 3 .
2. [Concerning supernatural powers]
Syn. mystical, magical, supernatural; see mysterious 2 , secret 1 .
Syn. mysticism, the supernatural, hermetics; see mysticism , spiritualism 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
mystical arts, cabalism, mysticism, occultism, channeling, astrology, voodoo, alchemy, tarot, Ouija board, psychic powers, clairvoyance, exorcism, satanism, devil worshipping, sorcery, witchcraft, telekinesis, telepathy, reincarnation, possession. see magic
supernatural, secret, hidden, magical, unexplainable, unfathomable, arcane, mystical, cryptic, esoteric, orphic.
ANT.: earthly, tangible, explainable, known. see mysterious
affected or demented by unseen forces: touched
assembly headed by a medium who summons spirits: seance
ball of glass hung in window to ward off evil spirits: witch ball
beetle talisman of Egypt: scarab
black magic: black arts, sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry
black magic, one who practices: sorcerer, sorceress, witch, wizard
board game used to summon the spiritual world and answer questions: Ouija board
cards, fortune-telling: tarot cards
castle mirage: fata morgana
celestial bodies, divining one’s fate by position of: astrology
celestial bodies used to predict one’s fate, a chart of: horoscope
celestial pathway divided into 12 astrological signs: zodiac celestial bodies at a precise time to predict one’s fate, the plotting of: horoscope
Celtic order of priests who acted as prophet or sorcerer, member of a: druid
charm to ward off evil: amulet, talisman
coincidence, hidden meaning and interconnectedness of: synchronicity
communications, acting as a medium to receive spiritual: channeling
corpse brought back to life: zombie
crystal ball, read the future by gazing into a: scry
curse or spell: hex, whammy
dead, returns from: revenant
demon through prayers and incantations, casting out of: exorcism
evil, magic used for: black magic
evil spirit, occupied by an: possessed
feeling that one has experienced or visited a place before in a past life, eerie: deja vu
formula or incantation causing trance state or other prescribed behavior: spell
future by various means, reading the:divination
future, knowledge of what will transpire in the: prescience
future, one who has the ability to predict the: prophet, psychic, seer
future, prediction of what will occur in the: prophesy
future will bring, one who tells what the: soothsayer
future, seeing the: precognition
ghost, noisy: poltergeist
ghost who haunts its living twin: doppelganger
ghostly visitations or appearances: haunting
glass ball used to peer into the future: crystal ball
Haitian religion employing charms and fetishes: voodoo
healing through prayer alone: faith healing
hear the spirit world, ability to: clairaudience
intuition, understanding the spiritual world through: gnosis
intuition, pre-Christians who believed spiritual world could be understood through: Gnostics
language without studying, acquiring of foreign: xenoglossia
letters and characters, mystical: runes
love potion: philter
luck, bad: hoodoo
luck, one who brings bad: hoodoo
luck, thing that brings bad: jinx
magic used for good: white magic
meaning, having a hidden: cabalistic
memory of experiences before one’s existence: past life memories
metal into gold, stone or substance once believed could turn: philosopher’s stone
mind reader: psychic
misfortune, invocation of: curse
move objects with one’s mind, ability to: psychokinesis, telekinesis
Native American mysticism and magic: shamanism
numbers to determine one’s fate, study of: numerology
object, such as rabbit’s foot, thought to have magical power: charm, fetish
omens and signs, study of: augury
otherworldly: ethereal
palm reader: chiromancer
perceive what cannot be physically seen, ability to: clairvoyance
perceive what cannot be physically seen, one who can: clairvoyant perception, all things beyond explanation or
human: paranormal; the supernatural
psychic ability: ESP, extra sensory perception, sixth sense, third eye
psychic powers, referring to: psi
psychic or other powers, study of: parapsychology quartz or other transparent mineral used in
healing: crystal
radiance surrounding some people or objects, mystical: aura
reader of omens and signs, ancient Roman: augur
receives spiritual messages, person or thing that: medium, channeler, oracle
release of one’s soul from physical body, temporary: out-of-body experience
Satan worship: diabolism, Satanism
Satan worshippers, group of: Satanic cult
science, phony: pseudoscience
sign, magical: sigil
sign of things to come: omen, portent
sorcery and witchcraft: black arts
soul, belief that nature has a: animism
spellbinding: hypnotism, mesmerism
spell utterance: incantation
spiritual world, belief in: mysticism
summon a spirit, to: conjure
thought transference to another: telepathy
time and space eddy through which one may travel to another dimension: vortex
trance, put someone in a: spellbind
travel, spiritual, out-of-body: astral projection
voodoo, form of Brazilian: macumba
voodoo priestess, Haitian: mambo
water by forked divining rod, searching for underground: dowsing
water by forked divining rod, one who searches for: dowser
werewolf, ability to change oneself into a: lycanthropy
witchcraft practiced for the good of the earth and the environment: Wicca
witches, group of 13: coven
witch, male: warlock
written word, spirit communication through medium through: spirit writing
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I adjective Difficult to explain or understand: arcane, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatic, mysterious, mystic, mystical, mystifying, puzzling. See EXPLAIN, KNOWLEDGE. II verb To put or keep out of sight: bury, cache, conceal, ensconce, hide1, secrete. Slang: plant, stash. See SHOW.

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